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we can create a range of different watering systems keep on top of regular watering with an irrigation system have you thought of using natural resources like rainwater to irrigate your garden?

Rainwater harvesting techniques have been used throughout history, often used for irrigation of fields and plants, this technique is still used to this day, although there have been several advances in technology and efficiency compared to earlier uses.


Rainwater harvesting is an effective way to collect water from the source prior to being treated by our water infrastructure. This significantly reduces the carbon foot print created by these treatment processes, naturally the costs incurred by you are a fraction of the usual water plant supply costs because of this significantly lowered production cost.


Rainwater harvesting is often used in places that suffer from long periods of drought or minimal water supplies, as it allows for the collection of water during the rainy seasons and retention of water when there is a lack of supply. This type of water collection significantly reduces the concentration of contaminants as the runoff water is not sent to the sewage system to be treated first. Remember we have worked with many commercial businesses over the years and have installed water management systems for farms, public parks, schools and many other commercial sectors too.


With over 20 years' experience, Tilehurst Garden Services can design and install the perfect water management system for your needs, whether it's for domestic or commercial use.

Rainwater harvesting is good for the environment and your wallet

Irrigation systems are great for managing your water supply efficiently

Do you have large garden areas that need regular watering? Perhaps you have a greenhouse or vegetable garden that needs consistent, evenly distributed water supplies?


Our tailor made irrigation systems can work hand in hand with our rainwater harvesting systems and all of our other landscaping services and features too. We can work with you directly on every aspect of your water supply needs and integrate them flawlessly with the rest of your project, creating a complete look that not only works effectively for you and the environment but also saves you money and looks great at the same time.


With our expertise we can design and install many different types of irrigation system, from simple Hozelock drip irrigation to automatic watering systems, we can ensure that your system is compliant with all specific legislation for your area.

Types of water systems we can create for your garden

• Direct feed and gravity fed harvesting systems

• Hozelock irrigation

• Claber irrigation systems

• Lawn pop up systems

• Automatic watering systems

• Custom systems


Rather than going into complex details and schematics, we will just say that we are very proficient at installing these systems and can discuss in detail any queries you may have and offer the best solution for your needs and budget, so feel free to call us anytime to discuss this further.


Tilehurst Garden Services have a vast amount of experience designing, installing and repairing custom-made rainwater harvesting systems and along with our other garden landscaping services, we can offer completely custom made systems to match your needs perfectly, helping you save money and the environment at the same time.

All of your garden water

management needs in one place, call today for a free quote

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